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Passport Photo Size - The Best Guide

If you are looking to get a new biometric passport and want to check the UK passport photo size, here is a guide on what you will need to do and how you can do it. Photos that do not meet the required standards are rejected immediately as well as your passport application. This means that any money paid will not be refunded and that there will be another fee required when placing a new application. Because of this, it’s important that you understand exactly what the requirements are and how to best meet them.


UK Passport Photo Dimensions

The UK passport photo size requires that the passport photo has the following dimensions, 3.5cm x 4.5cm (35mm x 45mm or 1.37 Inches x 1.77 Inches).


If you have a larger photo and want to crop it, this can be done by using our free online photo editor here. Just make sure that you create a new image that is 600×750 pixels big, this will match the size required for the UK passport photo.


By using the Edit a Photo editor, there is no need to download a passport photo app and can instead edit all of your photos through your browser. The editor works on almost all mobile and desktop devices, with no download needed and can only be used as a free online photo editor.

UK Passport Photo Dimensions​
Passport Photo Rules UK​

Passport Photo Rules UK

When taking a photo for your UK passport, there are a few rules that apply to your UK passport photo.


Your photo must be; 


  • Clear & in focus
  • In colour
  • Clear of other objects & people
  • Taken against a clear, light background
  • Not have ‘red eye’
  • Clearly showing your face (unless for religious or medical reasons)
  • Open and visible eyes
  • Clear from shadows
These are not all of the criterias, for a full list please visit the UK government website below, this will have a full list of UK passport photo rules and criteria. 
The photo on the left has been taken form the UK government website where further guidelines are also show, to visit please click – here.


Passport Photo App UK

Now you know the UK passport photo size, are you looking for a passport photo app uk or an easy free online photo editor to edit and complete your uk passport photo? You’ve come to the right place. All the requirements of your UK passport photo can be completed here by using our free online photo editor. To start the editing process of your photo, please click on the image below.

Edit your UK passport photo

UK Passport Photo Template

To create a UK passport photo template is really easy. Click the link below and create a new image. When it asks you for the size required, make sure it’s set to 600px wide and 750px tall, this is what is required for the UK passport photo size.


Make your UK passport photo template

Passport Photo Printing UK

There are countless sites online that allow you to print passport photos and keep to the standard uk passport photo size and have them sent directly to your door.

Here are a few of these;





There are many more and almost all can be found with a quick google search. Remember that when purchasing passport photo printing in the UK, there can be some delays. If you are planning to go abroad soon, we would recommend making sure that you have the passport photo printing already done before you start any application. If you are unable to do this, you can start an online application from the UK government site – here

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