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Etsy Banner Size & Etsy Banner Maker

Your Etsy banner size will have two different options available, a larger Etsy banner size of 3360px x 840px and a smaller banner size of 760px x 100px. They can seem a bit extreme in their size differences but this is more about the quality and relevance of your banner as to when it will show.

Read on to find out how best to create the right Etsy banner for you with the free Etsy Banner Maker.

Etsy Small Banner or Etsy Cover Photo

The Etsy banner and the Etsy cover photos will show up in the same place on the Etsy site. However, the larger ‘Cover Photo’ will appear on larger devices (laptops, desktops etc), whilst the Etsy small banner size will appear on smallers devices such as phones. Because of this, we would suggest that you pick the Cover Photo option when selecting your branding option, as show in the image next to this. 


Having the right art and images on your Etsy store is important, this could be the difference between someone buying from your store, or some someone else. You have worked hard to develop amazing products for your clients, you do not want all that hard work to go to waste. Use our free online photo editor to make sure that your shop looks professional and get the sales you deserve! The Etsy banner maker tool is free and simple to use, why not give it a go and get the perfect Etsy banner size?


Image courtesy of Ruby&Sass

Free Etsy Banner Template

1. Immediately explain what your store is about

When somebody lands on your Etsy store, they should know as soon as they see your banner, what your store is about, and what you sell. This should be showcased in a clean way so that nothing detracts from your focus images. Similarly to the Ruby&Sass example, they have a clean-white background and then colourful images that showcase their main focus for the store and highlight some of their best Etsy products. 

Another way to do this would be to instead have your name and an explanation around your Etsy store so that people can again understand what your store is about within just a few seconds.


2. Keep things simple

Etsy is an extremely visual site. If your Etsy banner size isn’t right or your Etsy banner template looks out of place, the audience will pick up on this straight away. 

Try and keep your Etsy banner as minimal as possible, in Etsy’s case, less is more.

Etsy Banner Maker

To create your banner, click on any of the links on this page directing you to the free online image editor. Once there, select a new image and set the dimensions to 3360px x 840px, this is the preferred etsy banner size.

After doing this, your blank canvas will appear. You can easily add new images to overlay and edit your etsy banner by adding text, shapes, images and even a number of our pre-loaded sticks and faces.

Once you are happy with your Etsy banner design, just click on save and your banner will be downloaded – no account or registration needed.

The Etsy banner maker tool on our website is simple to use and its free. Would you buy from a website that you didn’t trust or that didn’t look legitimate? That is the reason why large companies pay advertising agencies millions to be able to portray trust. When your potential clients are on your Etsy page, you want them to trust that you will provide them with a good quality product. You need to make sure you give the right first impression, which we can help you with and make sure you get the right Etsy banner size. 

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